lost cruise

Today’s lost walk became a lost cruise when Melvyn offered to let us join him on the narrowboat “Artanis” to Ware. Where? It’s on the river Lea a few miles up from Stanstead Abbotts ware it’s usually moored.

Port Out

Pete, Graham and Mike all had turns at being skipper and opening and closing the lock gates. Pete, of course, is already an accomplished mariner but Graham and Mike now have the bug and will explore ebay for likely vessels.

casting off after lunch

The brave “Artanis” brought us home safely after lunch in the Navigator before collapsing, hopefully just from acute diesel deficiency. Many thanks, Melvyn and “Artanis“, for a glorious day out and I hope you both recover.

Starboard Home


This is not Epping Forest!?


High Beach Revisited

High beach near the end of a wet day

historic Epping Forest

Pete organised and led the walk through Epping Forest, visiting the historic sites of Loughton Camp and Ambresbury Banks. We didn’t find Boudicea but that can be another day. We did, however, pass close to where Harry Roberts had hidden himself from the police when the Forest was much wilder. Lunch was at the tea hut in High Beech where the road and new carpark are being built.

through the forest

we're not LOST. It's that way...

....or that way...

...but we get home

waltham abbey and the lea valley

Fisher's Green

We walked from the Abbey car park up the Lea valley, across the fields, to Fisher’s Green. Here, we turned back ┬ábut walked along the canal to the site of the Lee Valley Olympic site for white water rafting. Finally, back to the Abbey and along Sun Street, looking shabby and sadly deserted.

lunch at the Olympic Lee Valley White Water Rafting cafe

the Abbey

looking LOST


LOST walkers at Buntingford

Our Leader

Not all the people above are LOST and our leader is not included. But here he is!

by the pump in Sawbridgeworth